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Нежный атлас Амстердама (тихий, тёплый, спокойный, кроткий..

The Soft Atlas of Amsterdam


Атлас представляет собой серию рисунков в оригинальном жанре, которые критики пытаются описать как written maps (по-русски это новеллизированные карты? карты-рассказки?) или графические репортажи (graphic reportage), а по сути являются комиксами. Графическими романами! – строго поправят нас ценители жанра. Ну, да, но скорее графическими рассказами, эссе, очерками, в общем – малой буквенно-графической формой. 96 листов по 100 квадратных дюймов (9 x 11 3/4), покрытых восхитительным дизайном.

...изображают узнаваемые элементы известных и не очень мест Амстердама, и стилизованы в очень оригинальной манере, отражающей маниакальное внимание Rothuizen к вкусным деталям. Из музея в ограбленный ювелирный магазин, из кофешопа через клинику для героинозависимых в  квартиру студента и далее – The Soft Atlas of Amsterdam – это восхитительный тур по живому европейскому городу. Путешествие, полное забавных сюрпризов как для туристов, так и для коренных жителей Амстердама. Этот сборник карт гарантированно даст читателям-зрителям представление о городе, который они никогда не видели прежде, хотя и смотрели на него тысячи раз.

Central Station Amsterdam
Air traffic control (spreads)

Anne Frank house
Anne frank’s diary is in the top ten of the best read books, along with the bible, harry Potter and the da vinci code. had she lived, Anne frank would have been 84 in 2013. in that year, 1.2 million people visited the secret annex on
the Prinsengracht.

People have lived on boats in Amsterdam since the 17th century. in the 1950’s
there was a great housing shortage, and houseboats became an integral part of the cityscape in that period. today there are 2500 houseboats in the 156 canals
in Amsterdam.
Red light district
most of Amsterdam’s estimated 6,000 prostitutes advertise their wares in a window. Around 800 work in sex clubs or privately from home; between 1,200 and 1,400 sex workers find their clients through escort agencies.

in 2004, Amsterdam launched the ‘i Amsterdam’ city brand to attract expats, tourists and foreign investors to the city. the huge ‘i Amsterdam’ sign in front of the rijksmuseum is now one of the city’s most photographed objects.

With one bookshop for every 6,500 peo- ple, the city has the biggest concentration in a country with more bookshops per head than any other. yet numbers have declined since 2007. these days, online bookshops, supermarkets, gas stations and department stores all sell books.

ShoppIng streets
the local shops came up with a name for their neighbourhood: the Nine Streets. it was so successful that many can no longer afford the rising rents and the big chains are moving in.
Jewel robbery
in 2013, there were 250 robberies in Amsterdam, targeting jewellers, supermarkets and fast-food eateries.
the kid (he was 18) who shot fred hund dead while robbing his jewellery store is serving a fifteen year sentence. his dNA was on the shoe he left behind in the shop.
Bicycle accident
in the last three years, 51 people drowned in Amsterdam’s canals. most were men, and drunk: they fell in while peeing and were unable to get back out. Another typical Amsterdam accident is cyclists
in a truck’s blind spot: usually it’s young women who get caught and run over like this.
Budget hotel
Amsterdam is a favourite among people in their twenties. that is the biggest group of visitors. it is especially popular for stag and bachelors parties, with young grooms on a blow-out on their last night of free- dom - a last smoke and a grope.
Recycled energy
Amsterdam’s refuse energy company says that there’s no such thing as trash. And it’s true that they turn 99.7 % of the city’s rubbish into green electricity for trams and buses, and which provides city heating for entire neighbourhoods. but what about that tiny remnant, that last bit which refuses to be recycled?

Сoffee shop
Production and distribution of mari- huana is sanctioned by the government in uruguay and recreational use of cannabis is legal in the uS states of Washington and colorado. holland’s big cities are planning to experiment with legalised cultivation of the crop.
перевод на русский – Cofeeshop в Амстердаме
Schiphol detention centre
Schiphol detention centre (fragment)

Leidseplein (fragment)

mASSAge li


Red light district Page 56
Coffee Shop Page 58
City Gate (text) spreadsBook Page 10
Central Station Page 12
Leidseplein Page 16
Student flat DE Page 14
Air traffic control spreadsBook Page 22
Schiphol detention centre Page 24
BarberShop Page 34
mASSAge li Page 46
Anne Frank house Page 48
Houseboat Page 54
Versatile (text) spreadsBook Page 60
RijKSmuSeum Page 62
Circumcision centre Page 64
bookshop Page 68
Shopping Streets Page 70
Jewel robbery Page 72
Bicycle Accident Page 74
Recycled energy Page 92
Budget hotel Page 90

еще, но не в этом раз:

Delivery room Page 18
Zaanse Schans Page 20
Fantasio Page 28
Heroin clinic Page 30
Supermarket Page 32
Javaplein Page 36
Commune Page 38
Allotments Page 40
Pyjama Days Page 42
Okura Page 50
Big dAy, little chores Page 52
Vondelpark Page 66
Oude Kerk Page 76
Washroom Page 80
End of the line Page 82
Birds of A feather Page 84
Peace mission Page 86
Rokin Page 88

... неустойчивый, неяркий, гибкий, изнеженный, влюблённый, слабоумный, небольшой, рассеянный, добрый, не оборудованный в противоядерном отношении,
сдержанный, умеренный, плавный, палатализованный согласный (consonant)
безвредный, впечатлительный, еле уловимый, покорный, пологий, послушный, слабохарактерный, снисходительный; терпимый, тонкий, уступчивый, чувствительный,
придурковатый, лёгкий, ленивый, нетрудный, праздный, бумажный - The Soft Atlas of Amsterdam
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